Thursday, October 22, 2009

Food log: Wednesday, October 21

Firefly juice and chocolate roll from Cartet - $10.52
Firefly drink, chocolate roll from Cartet - $10.52 (price includes egg sandwich for lunch)
The price included an egg sandwich I planned to eat for lunch.

Tea from the bistro
tea from the bistro - free

Then I went to the bistro.
Wednesday is Artisan lunch day at Sid Lee
Pineapple square, my fav!
This is where my egg sandwich plan went out the window.

Cream of vegetable, Alex's lasagna, lemonade, pinapple square - $6
Vegetable soupe, Lasagna, lemonade, pineapple mousse square - $6
This is where my egg sandwich plan went out the window. See, it was "Artisan Lunch" day and this lasagna looked just too good to pass up on. The recipe was provided by Alex Bernier, one of our senior copywriters. People raved about it all afternoon. Facebook status were updated and people tweeted about it non-stop. Pictures were taken. Some even promised Alex to name their first child in his honor. It was a lasagna to shame all other lasagnas.

Cookie - free from Lindsay
A cookie -  free fropm Lindsay
LOVE that Tupperware! hey what if I invited a Tupperware lady at my loft for a party? Would you come? Yes you!

Diet Coke - $1.25
Diet Coke $1.25

Crackers and cheese at home
Cheese and a few crackers at home

Rice, fish croquettes, kewpie, pickles, tomatoes
Fish croquette, kewpie, tomato, rice, pickles - at home
I've decided that I hate grape tomatoes. 1 out of 4 tastes horrible. It's the boobie-trap of vegetables.

I also ate a cookie but took no pic because you guys must be starting to get fed up of looking at pictures of my delicious cookies without having one.

Money spent on food today: $17.77

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