Monday, November 16, 2009

Food log: Monday, November 16

Toasts with cream cheese
Toast and cream cheese

Clementine from the bistro at work - free
Clementine from the bistro - free

Almonds from home
Almonds from home

Lots of water
I don't know if you have noticed, but I have reduced my Diet Coke intake by about 75%. Water helps. I had massive headaches for the first week, but it's getting better now.

Squash soup, cheese manicotti, bread, salad, fruit, lemonade
$6 from the bistro
Squash soup, cheese manicottis, salad, bread, fruit, lemonade - $6 from the bistro
This soup was one of the best thing I've had in a long time, full of wintery spices and extra-velvety.

Rice Krispy square from the bistro - free
Rice Krispy square from the bistro - free

Crackers and margarine
Crackers and Becel at home
In honor of Twitter friend Le Nutritionniste, who keeps getting crappy promo documents from Becel. If you can read French, I highly recommend his blog !

Salad, broccoli turnovers, Orangina
Broccoli turnovers, salad Orangina

Chocolate gaufrettes
Chocolate gaufrettes at home
These make me feel like I am a kid again.

Money spent on food today: $6

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  1. I totally wished I read what ever language that last blog was, but I do not.

    Nice work on cutting back on the Diet Coke...I need to cut out my every other day soda habit soon!