Monday, November 16, 2009

Food log: Sunday, November 15

Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast
Scrambled eggs with chives, bacon, toast

Chicken and noodle soup
chicken and noodles soup at home
A.K.A. the only thing I could eat and not feel sick after crying and mourning my cat all afternoon. :(

Fortunatly, Patrick and Nikki had a bunch on neighbours over for a get together. We watched a documentary about Whippet cookies. These cookies used to be manufactured where we all live now. It was a lot of fun and made me forget about my cat for a while.

Party food and drinks at Pat's
Turkey meatballs at Pat's 5 à 7
Beer at Pat's 5 à 7
spinach dip at Pat's 5 à 7
Un homme et ses huîtres fumées

Money spent on food today: 0

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  1. So sorry to hear about your cat. Thankfully you have plenty of friends to help distract you, even for the shortest of moments.