Friday, November 27, 2009

Food log: Wednesday, November 25

Peanut butter toasts
Peanut butter toast
Almonds from home
Almonds from home

Hélène was the star of today's Artisan Lunch
Hélène and her delicious seafood pie
Split pea soup, Hélène's seafood pie, Brussel Sprouts, lemonade, pineapple fluff - $6
Seafood pie, Brussel sprouts, pea soup, pineapple mousse, lemonade - $6
Banana from the bistro - free
banan from the bistro - free
Cheese, olives and a Diet Coke - free from the bistro
Diet Coke, olives an cheese from the bistro - free
Half a green tea Kit-Kat, shared with Alvaro
green tea Kit-Kat, shared with Alvaro
Shot of Jameson
Whiskey at home
Spaghetti with bolognese sauce
Chocolate with hazelnuts
Hazelnut dark chocolate

Money spent on food today: $6

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