Friday, November 27, 2009

Food log: Thursday, November 26

Toast with cream cheese at home
Toast with cream cheese
Piece of cheese and glass of orange juice at the breakfast bar at work - free
Breakfast bar at Sid Lee
Breakfast bar at Sid Lee
Breakfast bar at Sid Lee
Tea at a client meeting
Tea at Client's meeting
Coffee tasting at a client meeting
Coffee tasting at Client meeting
I just smelled it, so this should not really count. I never drink the stuff.

Ham and cheese panini, chips, Diet Coke - $9.99
Ham and cheese panini ($6.49), chips and Diet Coke ($2.50)
Snacks in the bistro: cupcake
Cupcake from the bistro - free
Jessica made cookies - I had one
Cookie from Jessica - free
Tupperware party food: sandwiches, wine, tomato with cheese and pesto, ham and melon, chips
Tupperware party food
Let the Tupperware frenzy begin!
Since I will host a party myself at home in January, I got a few nice gifts!
My "future hostess" gifts and thank you gift
Salt and pepper shaker
I also purchased 2 sandwich boxes and a mixing bottle with cap during the presentation.
The Tuppwerware presentation at Sid Lee

The grocery guy came by with $160 worth of stuff
Salt and pepper shaker
I was kind of mad. They clearly prepared my order too soon and it spent a long while in the freezer. All of the meat, fish, sodas and a tofu dip were frozen solid. Not cool!

Sesame rice crackers at home
Sesame crackers at home

Money spent on food today: $169.99

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