Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Food log: Sunday, December 13

Eggs, English muffin, banana
eggs, banana, English muffin
Hot-dogs, fries and a Fanta at Montreal Pool Room - $7 with tip
2 hot-dogs, frieds, Fanta - $7 including tip
Order counter at Montreal Pool Room

Back room at Montreal Pool Room

At Montreal Pool Room

As much as I believe historic places like Montreal Pool Room deserve to be preserved, it needs a really good scrubbing. Josianne was starting to freak out. Or maybe it was just the spooky picture of the founder, floating above the city.
Josianne is flabbergasted by the décor

The founder of Montreal Pool Room

Canada Dry at the food court, after a bit of Christmas shopping - $3
Canada Dry Ginger Ale at the food court - $3
Highway robbery!!

Raviolis and a Club Soda while watching Ace of Cakes
Ravioli and a club soda at home
Note to self: don't try to make a "fantasy cake" without a plan ever again

Piece of cake
piece of cake
Money spent on food today: $10

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