Thursday, March 11, 2010

Food log: Tuesday, March 11

Toast and juice
Toast and juice

Diet Coke (no pic) - $1.25

Banana and pear from the bistro - free
banana from the bistro - free
Pear from the bistro - free
Soup, breaded veal cutlet, veggies with rice, salad, marbled cake - $6
Soup, veal chop, salad, veggies, marbled cake, lemonade from the bistro - $6
This was SO GOOD and I got full quickly but could not stop eating. Because it was SO GOOD. I actually had to lay down on our pink pillow for a few minutes to recover.

Champagne from the bistro - free
Champagne at the office - free
Sesame rice, agedashi tofu, tomato salad
Sesame rice, adegashi tofu, tomato salad
Adegashi tofu
Sesame rice
tomato salad
Agedashi is fried soft tofu, served on top of a dashi, soy sauce and mirin sauce. I followed Momofuku at Home's version and it was delicious. Her trick (dry the tofu for 20 minutes, changing paper towels often) really helped me handle the soft tofu and made it more flavorful. I also used rice flour instead of regular, giving it a lighter crisp.

Chocolate and macha mochi (gift from VĂ©ro and her boyfriend)
Macha and chocolate mochi balls

I should also mention that my friend and neighbour James dropped by with a big-ass bottle of Grand Marnier as a gift to me for taking care of his mail while he was taking care of business for Bell at the Olympics for the last 4 months. Thanks, James!

Money spent on food today: $7.25

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