Tuesday, March 9, 2010

food log: Tuesday, March 9

Peanut butter toasts
Peanut butter toasts

Diet Coke - $1.25 (no pic)

Beef, corn and rice soup, sesame chicken salad, lemonade, grapes from the bistro - $6
Beef and rice soup, sesame chicken salad, lemonade
Sesame chocken salad
grapes from the bistro

I took a walk to Chinatown after work again and bought instant edamame soup, pork belly and bok choy ($13.22)

Onigiris stuffed with spicy tuna, bok choy, umeboshi plums, spicy mayo
onigiri stuffed with kimchi tuna, umebpshi, bok choy
The tuna I used is Korean and super spicy. The pickled umeboshi plums are really, really salty and sour. I love that mix, but it does make you do faces like a baby eating his first dill pickle.

Money spent on food today: $19.22

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