Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Food log: Monday, March 8

Cranberry-blueberry juice
Cranberry-blueberry juice
Note to self. Don't drink the same juice you used to mix cocktails on the morning after you drank 3 of said cocktails.

Cheese toasts, sparkling water and random (free) carnation from Pasta Café - $4.75
cheese toast and water from Pasta Café - $4.75
Carrot soup, tofu and veggie puff, rice, fruit salad, orange juice from the bistro - $6
Tofu and veggie puff, rice, carrot soup from the bistro - $6
orange juice from bistro lunch
Fruit salad from bistro lunch
Cheese and banana from the bistro - free
cheese from the bistro - free
banana from the bistro - free
Chicken and fries - $12
chicken, fries - 12 with tip

Money spent on food today: $22.75

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