Saturday, April 3, 2010

food log: Friday, April 2

Toast, banana, grape juice
Toast, banana, grape juice
Vitamine water, chips - $5.40
Vitamin water, chips - $5.45
Tomato juice, plane snack - free
Tomato juice, plane snack
The name of that snack was... promising.
Plane snack
Hot-dog, Diet Dr Pepper - $5
hot-dog, Diet Dr Pepper
Water from Tidal bassin cart - $2
Water - $2

Wine time in the lobby - free (no pic)

Room service: shrimp cocktail, steak potatoes - $62 with tip and room charge
Room service!
Shrimp cocktail
Rib eye with roasted garlic and thyme potatoes
Outrageous price, but simply delicious.

Gatorade and popcorn - $5

Coming back to the hotel, I used my "raid the minibar" card, courtesy of my Kimpton Hotel InTouch membership.
Minibar raid
San Pellegrino

I used it for a San Pellegrino and a soda. All that walking around DC made me thirsty as all get out.

Money spent on food today: $74.40

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