Monday, April 5, 2010

Food log: Saturday, April 3

Room service breakfast - $29.48
Room service breakfast, tomato juice - $29.48 (!!) with charge and tip
SO expensive, but really good and it saved me time.

Lunch at the Capitol: BBQ chicken, mac & cheese, lemonade - $9.95
BBQ chicken, mac & cheese, lemonade at Capitol cafeteria - $9.95
Gatorade and UTZ chips - $5
Gatorade and a bag of chips in front of the Health Department - $4
I drank the gatorade right in front of the department of Health. Santé! I had the chips later.

Beer and Absolut New Orleans vodka - $43
Absolut New Orleans vodka - mango and black pepper ($24)
Fying Dog IPA beer - $14
The Absolut is mango and black pepper flavored. I don't really like mango, but I wanted to add a bottle to my vodka fridge.

I was BEAT from walking so much and I wanted to enjoy the nice room so dinner was once again room service.
Beet salad with goat foam
Beet salad with goat foam
Beet salad with goat foam
Polish stew, bread
Polish stew, bread
Polish stew
Banana foster cheesecake
banana foster cheesecake
Dinner was $47

Minibar cashews - $12
minibar cashews - $12

Money spent on food today: $136.48

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