Thursday, May 13, 2010

Food log: Thursday, May 13

I skipped breakfast today. I had to see someone about some bagels! See, this friend I have on Flickr is a Montreal bagel aficionado so I brought him a couple dozens and met him in the Mission district for some Mexican food at El Farolito. He even treated me! Isn't life swell?
A man and his loot!
The taqueria we went to was on Mission near 24th street. Everything was fresh and delicious. 
On Mission and 24th, San Francisco
Inside the taqueria
The Mexican food we have in Montreal is pure comedy compared to this. Here's what I had:
Tortillas chips
tortillas chips
Horchata - my new favorite drink
This is my new favorite drink. It's a perfect balance to the greasy, spicy goodness of the Mexican food. It's made with rice, water, and cinnamon bark, filtered, then flavored with sugar and vanilla. From the dots I could see floating in the liquid, I think that it was made with real vanilla bean, too.

Huge burrito. Wow.
Huge burrito. Seriously.
Filled with pork, black beans, olives, avocado, cheese, sour cream, it was bigger than a kitten. I moaned at every bite. I could not finish it but it's sitting pretty in my hotel fridge right now and I can see a bright future for it as a breakfast item.
Soft tacos
soft tacos - so fresh and tasty
Meat, onions, fresh herbs... What more could you ask of life?
Cheesy beef quesadilla (I think?)
cheesy goodness
This, my friend, is what heaven is made of.

Later that day, I had the rest of the quesadillas with a Pocari Sweat I bought in Japantown (2 for $2.60)
Pocari sweat from japantown ($2.60 for 2) and mexican food leftover
For dinner, after realizing that my Alcatraz tour ticket was valid tomorrow and not today (oops), I headed to this retro looking crab restaurant near Peer 39: Franciscan Crab Restaurant.
retro look of the Franciscan restaurant
Inside, you get a fantastic view of Alcatraz, pretty good food and d├ęcor that makes you feel like you are a star of yore on a holiday.
I had a table with a view
A local brew I forgot the name of
Crab and mashed potatoes I could not finish
Crabe eating accoutrement
Whole crab!
The top of the crab
The server removed the head of the crab so fast I could not take a picture of it. Grr... I also had mashed potatoes, but it seems I forgot to take a picture. 

Dinner at Franciscan was $80 including tip. Crab is expensive, yo! 

Later that day, I bought some Diet Cokes and chocolate - $5.30
Diet Coke 6 pack, chocolate - $5.30

Money spent on food today: $87.80

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