Thursday, May 13, 2010

Food log: Wednesday, May 12

I had the same breakfast as yesterday. (no pic)

I took a wonderful tour of Chinatown. We ate flat fortune cookies at the bakery where they were invented.
Flat fortune cookies at the factory where they were invented
She made them, I ate them
For lunch, we had dim sum. It was included in the price of the tour. It's great to eat in Chinatown with a guide to explain everything and teach us some ordering tricks and chinese etiquette. For example, if you lift the lid of the tea pot, it means "please add some more". (Click on each photo to identify each dish)
Our dim sum meal meanu
deep fried pork dumpling
Bok Choy and chicken chow mein
Bird's nest deep fried shrimp dumpling
steamed shrimp dumpling
pan-fried shrimp cakes
Dim sum happiness
Pot stickers and a Mai Tai: $10.50 There a 30% discount during happy hour.
BBQ pork bun
Shrimp and pork dumpling
Bean paste sesame ball

I came back to Chinatown later that day for an afternoon break at Empress of China. The restaurant is like a time capsule, kitsch but classy at the same time. It's a great deal, everything is 30% off during happy hour.
Happy hour menu at Empress of China
I had some peking pot stickers and a Mai Tai - $14.50 with tip
Mai Tai at Empress of China
Peking pot stickers at Empress of China
Peking pot sticker at Empress of China
Peking pot sticker at Empress of China
Caught a baseball game at the AT & T stadium and ate some overpriced yet delicious hot dogs and nachos, as well as a coupe of beers. The Giants lost. But junk food tastes so much better in a sports arena.
"Giant" hot dogs and a beer - $19
2 "giant" hot dogs, beer at AT & T Stadium - $19
Nachos and a beer - $15
Nachos, beer at AT & T Stadium - $15

Money spent on food today: $48.50

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