Saturday, June 5, 2010

food log: Friday, June 4

I bought a grilled cheese and a chocolate milk at Pasta Café ($5.20) and didn,t take a picture. (I was in a rush to go to a meeting). Turns out the milk was SOUR and I almost barfed on the spot. It gives me aftershock chills every time I think about it.

Fortunately, lunch was awesome and made me forget the bad breakfast.

Sloppy joe, coleslaw, tomato and cucumber salad, potatoes, lemon meringue pie from the bistro - $6
Sloppy joe, coleslaw, cucumber and tomato salad, lemon meringue pie from the bistro - $6
extra! Potatoes (I didn't see them at first on the table)

Gimlet with cherries at home
Gimlet with cherries
Chips (no pic)

Tofu spread and crackers
tofu spread and crackers
Manicotti with yellow green beans
Manicoti and yellow beans
(microwave action shot)


Money spent on food today : $6 

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