Sunday, June 27, 2010

Food log: Sunday, June 27

Toasts with PB and milk
PB toast and milk
Chicken sandwich and Diet Pepsi from gas station on the way to Québec City - $6
Soda and sandwich at a gaz station on the road to Québec City - $6
Beer at Dad's
Beer at Dad'S
Peanuts at Dad's
Peanuts at Dad's
We went out to Casa Grecque for dinner. Yes, freaking Casa Grecque. I'm in Loretteville and the pickings, they are slim my friend. But the lobster was ok.
salad - Dinner with dad
bread - dinner with dad
Wine - dinner with Dad
lobster - dinner with dad
Cake at Dad's
Cake at Dad's
Soda at Dad's
Money spent on food: $6

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