Friday, August 13, 2010

Food log: Friday, August 13

Buttered toast, ice tea
Buttered toast, ice tea
Apple from the bistro - free
Apple from the bistro - free
We had lunch at Aziatik to celebrate our awesome departing intern, Geneviève. Laurent bought her a drink and I treated her to lunch (Helene also contributed).
geneviève, our intern. She's leaving for Hawaii!
Spring roll, General Tao chicken, veggies and rice x 2 was $36.54
Spring roll
General tao chicken, veggies, rice
Christophe was creative with his garnish
Christophe's food looks happy
Diet Coke - $1.25
Diet Coke - $1.25
Peanut butter sandwich and chocolate milk
PB sandwich, chocolate milk
In the evening, I went to Uranium's "back to the prom" retro party and had many beers and Gin & Tonics. I have no pics of this because I forgot my freakin' camera at work.

Money spent on food today: $35.74

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