Saturday, August 14, 2010

Food log: Saturday, August 14

Today was the second edition of Miniputtalooza! I had no camera, so Lindsay let me use her iPhone to capture the delicious brunch we had at La Cantine.
Mimosa at La Cantine
Juice shooter
Fresh, juicy shooter at La Cantine
La Totale breakfast
La Totale at La Cantine
Diet Coke
Diet Coke at La Cantine
Breakfast for one was $32.71

I had a bottle of water and a Diet Coke in the machines at the Minigolf place - $4 (no pic)

Then we continued our suburbadventure to Wild Willy's
I had a Rocky Road ice cream cone - $3.50
Rocky Road ice cream at Wild WIlly's - $3.50
Dinner was a plate of spaghetti (no picture)

Money spent on food: $40.21

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