Friday, March 5, 2010

food log: Friday, March 5

Juice on the bus - $2
Apple juice - $2
Oily muffin and juice box at recruiting session - free
muffin and juice at recruiting session
Sandwiches, pasta salad, mushroom puffs and nanaïmo bar at recruiting session - free
Sandwich, pasta salad, mushroom puffs, carrots, nanaimo bar, Diet Pepsi at recruiting session
I know they are free, but these lunches really, really suck. I guess the bistro at work forever spoiled me.

BLT and salad, glass of milk
BTL and a salad

Lu cookies with peanut butter
Lu and peanut butter
Try it. You'll thank me later.

I made pork belly following David Chang's recipe. I think the meat I used was a little too thin and it burned on top, but in the end it was SPECTACULAR. I cooked this for Sunday's Oscar party, but I had to have a taste right away. I guess it's supposed to burn a little, because it gave it a smoky, salty, delicious taste. Still, next time I'll lower the heat and cook it a little longer to make up for it.
Pork belly!

Money spent on food today: $2

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