Tuesday, January 5, 2010

food log: Tuesday, January 5

Buttered toast and tomato juice
buttered toast and tomato juice
Grapes and tea from the bistro - free
grapes and tea from the bistro - free
Tortillas filled with chicken, salsa, cheddar; salad, orange, V8
Chicken and cheddar tortillas with salsa, salad, orange, V8
Quesadillas filled with chicken, roasted peppers and goat cheese; roasted sweet potatoes with olive oil, cumin and chili; spicy mayo
Chicken, goat cheese and rosted peppers quesadillas, chili-cumin roasted sweet potato, spicy mayo
I made this in my panini press so it was all crispydeliciousyummygood.


Money spent on food today: 0

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