Saturday, March 6, 2010

food log: Saturday, March 6

PB toasts, milk
PB toasts, milk
I went to Mickey D's and to a movie with my brother but didn't take any pictures ($7.70)

I stopped at the grocery store and at the liquor store for party supplies - $92

I ate lunch at 3pm so I was not nearly hungry enough to eat dinner. Since I had a lot of stuff to prepare  for tomorrow's Oscar party, I nibbled as I cooked. The frozen shrimps I bought in Chinatown are really, really good and they were already deveined, saving me a bunch of time. They cost $12 for 2 pounds. I boiled them for 5 minutes in a cup of rice vinegar, a cup of water and 8 tablespoons of Old Bay spice. I will serve them cold with a garlic dipping sauce.

Boiled shrimp with Old Bay spice
Steamed shrimp seasoned with Old Bay
Old Bay shrip with kewpie
The yellow stuff is kewpie, a.k.a. Japanese mayo.

Chèvre stuffing for tomatoes
Making chèvre stuffing for tomorrow's oscar party
Tomato stuffing spread on crackers
I mixed goat cheese, chives salt, pepper and the zest of a lemon together and filled hollowed out cherry tomatoes with it. Then I ate the leftovers on crackers.

Money spent on food today: $99.70

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  1. Your oscar party already looks like fun from the yummy food you are serving! :)