Monday, March 8, 2010

Food log: Sunday, March 7

PB toasts, milk, apple sauce
Apple sauce
toast and milk
I spent the rest of the day cooking. Except for a nibble here and there while I prepared dishes, I didn't eat until it was time for the Oscar party. At 2pm, my friend and artisan baker Céline came by with a fantastic Avatar cake she made just for me. Thanks Céline!
Gâteau Avatar préparé par mon amie Céline
Céline will make any cake you want in a flash and they are not just pretty - they taste really good, too. I was taken aback by the huge butterfly, but then Céline said "It's for the 3-D effect!" I laughed and decided to add some 3-D glasses I had in a drawer somewhere. If you want to order a cake, just drop me a comment and I'll give you Céline's number. You an also get her to put her mad cake skillz to work for you by reaching her via Twitter.

The dishes I served where inspired by the ten nominated movies. Some where more to the point than others, but I had fun coming up with them. And I almost ran out of food, so I guess it was tasty, too! We also drank many, many bottle of champagne.
buffet d cette année
Up in the Air: Up in the Airtini
Mes Up in the airtini!
I used a punch recipe from Espace Cocktail (a Web site I work on a lot for SAQ at the agency) and filled each bottle with the mix. Yes, they were filled with vodka before. Yes, I opened and emptied each one. Yes, I now have a shaker full of vodka.

An Education: smoked trout, BBQ salmon, salmon mousse, smoked carp
leçon sur le poisson
Hommge à An Education
Leçon sur le poisson
Leçon sur le poisson
It was a salmon and trout lesson, an education about fish. :)

District 9: shrimp boiled with Old Bay, water and rice vinegar, served with aïoli
Hommage à District Nine
The aliens in the movie are nicknamed "prawns" so that one was a doozy. And I'm so glad that I finally found a source to get Old Bay - the fish store at Marché Maisonneuve!

Up: cherry tomatoes stuffed with goat cheese
Tomates farcies au chèvre
I used a piece of foam from the box of my new tv to make the stand for the picks that served as "balloon strings".

The Hurt Locker: meatballs with "bomb wires" pepper and chive garnish, serve with spicy "kaboom" sauce
Boulettes explosives façon The Hurt Locker
Hommage à The Hurt Locker
Boulettes explosives avec détonateurs de piment et ciboulette

This is the dish I had the most fun making. Thank got it didn't explode! Mouhahaha!

The Blind Side: Mac & cheese flavored with truffle butter
Mac & cheese au beurre de truffe
Hommage à The Blind Side
It's all about the pun, baby.

Precious: zucchini and basil salad
Salade de courge et basilic
"Precious... should eat more veggies"
I had no clue what to do for Precious, so I went for the lifestyle change recommendation.

A Serious Man: Korean-style pork belly sandwich
Sandwiches au flan de porc à la coréenne
The guy (a Jewish dude in the movie) is saying "Seriously, is this kosher?" It was not. (I know the R is missing, I fixed it after taking the picture).

Inglorious Basterds: whipped cream and berries

Hommage à Inglorious Basterds
"N'oubliez pas la crème! "
Remember that scene in the movie where he's going on and on about putting whipped cream on his pastry? Yeah.

We watched the show, ate a lot and had a merry old time.
les animateursUn homme et son péché

Quel style!

Money spent on food today: 0


  1. LOVE IT!!!! OMG! EVE! SO COOL! (dit la fille trop excitée)

    Up in the air: mignon!
    Vodka: GÉNIAL!!

  2. Euh... WOW ! La reine des réceptions thématiques, c'est toi ?

  3. WOWOWWWWWWW Malade.
    La tradition se poursuit... C'est tellement trop beau ce "box office buffet"...

  4. Wow eve, c'est tellement un beau "box office buffet", je veux voir plus de costumes aussi! :)

  5. bonjour, peut-on avoir les coordonnées de Céline. son gâteau a l'air super bon!

  6. Oui, tu peux communiquer avec via Twitter!