Sunday, June 13, 2010

food log: Sunday, June 13

Groceries (no pic) - $138

Eggs, waffles, iced tea
Eggs and waffles, iced tea
Peanut butter on toasts, orange juice
peanut butter on toast, OJ
I am obsessed with lobster rolls. Tonight, I made two using a classic, basic recipe: lobster meat with mayo, salt and pepper, served with lettuce in a buttered and grilled bun.
Ingredients of the simple, yet perfect lobster roll
Lobster rolls, chips, coleslaw
Lobster rolls, chips, coleslaw
Lobster rolls

Money spent on food today: $138

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  1. Ah those lobsters rolls. I love them. I do make them mylsef once in a while. Not hard to make. At restaurants I did enjoy those of Au pied de Cochon and the same ones you had @ Lucille's Oyster Dive. All great