Sunday, June 13, 2010

food log: Thursday, June 10

I forgot my camera today! Boo! I had breakfast at the bistro (toast, peanut butter, milk, apple - free) and the bistro lunch : mushroom risotto, salad and cake ($6).

I grabbed my camera when I got back home!
General tao chicken, yellow beans
beans, general tao chicken
In the evening, I went to a huge party organized by work. I was awesome, one of those great Montreal nights people talk about for a long time. I even painted my nails in Adidas colors for the occasion.
Beer, and lots of it at Garage Party - free
Shooters at garage party - free
Here's some highlights of the evening

3am Mickey D run - $11.20
Late night McDo meal - $11.20

Money spent on food today: $17.20

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