Friday, January 1, 2010

Food log: Thursday, December 31

The last breakfast of the year deserved bacon.
Mmmmm. Bacon.
Bacon, eggs, toast and OJ
Toast, bacon, eggs, OJ
Diet Coke
Diet Coke
Orange from the cheerful fruit bowl
Isn't my fruit bowl cheerful?

I went out for the first time in days and had a quick meal at McDo.

Big Mac Trio - $7.37
Bic Mac trio - $7.37
In the evening, I joined friends at Café Atomic for a wonderful New Year's Eve bash. There was a double fountain filled with "Puncherello" (vodka and cranberry) and "Orange Punk" (rum and orange juice), a classic buffet and lots of go-go sixties music. Fun!

at Atomic Café NYE bash
The buffet
at Atomic Café NYE bash
DJ at Atomic Café NYE bash
Happy New Year everyone!

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