Friday, January 1, 2010

Food log: Tuesday, December 29

Felt somewhat better. The fever went away but I was still weak. Friendly neighbors gave me a carton of orange juice the day before, and I drank it all in 24 hours. My appetite came back and I nibbled here and there, trying to gain back some strenght.

Toast and juice
Toast and juice
Won ton soup
won ton soup
More juice
More and more orange juice
I forgot to tell you about the chocolate Cindy brought me back from Paris. She also gave a a Pac-Man shaped oven mitt. Hee!
Chocolate, gift from Cindy
Popcorn with all the fixings
Popcorn with all the fixings
Late night poutine - $13, including a very generous holiday tip
Poutine, $13 including a generous Chritmas bonus
I guess I was feeling better. What a weird day, food-wise.

Money spent on food today: $13

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